I am growing and learning every day.

I need your help to be a good eater and TRY NEW FOODS!



Here are some examples of what meal and snack portion sizes might look like on my plate.


¼ cup diced strawberries
½ cup breast milk or whole milk
½ slice, cut up whole grain toast
½ cooked, cut up egg


½ medium, sliced banana
¼ cup cooked, chopped green beans
¼ cup whole grain macaroni and cheese
½ cup water


½ cup dry cereal
2 to 3 whole grain crackers with cheese
¼ cup cooked, chopped carrots
water between meals and snacks


¼ cup applesauce
½ cup cooked, cut up broccoli
1 medium, cut up corn tortilla
¼ cup cooked, mashed pinto beans
½ cup breast milk or whole milk

Daily Suggested Food Group Amounts


2 servings a day
1 serving = ½ cup
(1 cup total)

Cooked or soft, raw fruit.

Mashed, sliced, or chopped.

Offer a variety: red, yellow, orange, blue, and green.


2 servings a day
1 serving = ½ cup
(1 cup total)

Cooked and mashed, sliced, or chopped veggies.

Offer a variety: dark green, orange, red, yellow, and purple.


6 servings a day
1 serving = ½ ounce
(3 ounces total)

Bite-sized pieces.

Whole grain bread, tortillas, rice, or noodles.

Dry or cooked cereal.


2 servings a day
1 serving = 1 ounce
(2 ounces total)

Cooked, chopped meat, poultry, or fish.


Cooked, mashed beans, or peas.

Peanut butter.


4 servings a day
1 serving = ½ cup
(2 cups total)

Breast milk (at breast or expressed) or whole milk. 



Look what I can do!

Keep me safe and healthy.

I love to run, jump, and climb. Watch me when I’m active so I don’t get hurt.

I like to explore. I open doors and drawers to see what’s inside. Let me learn, but keep me safe.

Please DON’T give me foods I could choke on like whole nuts, whole grapes, seeds, hot dogs, or hard candies.

I need check-ups and shots to stay healthy. I should visit the doctor at 18 months and 2 years.

If I haven’t seen the dentist yet, make my first appointment. I should be brushing my teeth twice a day. Ask my dentist how to keep my teeth healthy.

Be with me during screen time and interact with me. Remember, to schedule plenty of non-screen time into my day.