I am 4 and want to do more!


I am becoming MORE CONFIDENT.

I like to try new things. You are my teacher. I try to do what you do, so eat healthy foods and I will too.

I can help you in the kitchen. Helping you is fun!
With your help, I will learn
more! Show me how to
measure ingredients.
This helps me learn math.

Here are some examples of what meal and snack portion sizes might look like on my plate.


½ cup large, sliced strawberries
1 cup low-fat milk
2 small whole grain pancakes with 1 tablespoon syrup


½ cup sliced in half grapes
½ cup sliced, baked sweet potato sticks
1 small whole grain bun
with 1 ounce small turkey burger
1 cup low-fat milk


½ cup sliced cucumbers and carrots
with ¼ cup chickpea hummus
½ medium whole grain pita bread wedges, toasted
with ¼ cup mashed refried beans
4 or 6 whole grain crackers
with 4 or 5 cubes cheese
water between meals and snacks


½ cup baked, sliced apple
½ cup water
1 cup shredded lettuce
on 1 medium whole grain tortilla
with 1½ ounces cooked, lean ground beef
with ½ cup shredded cheese

Daily Suggested Food Group Amounts


3 servings a day
1 serving = ½ cup
(1½ cups total)

Cooked or soft, raw fruit.

Mashed, sliced, or chopped.

Offer a variety: red, yellow, orange, blue, and green.


3 servings a day
1 serving = ½ cup
(1½ cups total)

Mashed, sliced, or chopped veggies.

Offer a variety: dark green, orange, red, yellow, and purple.


8-10 servings a day
1 serving = ½ ounce
(4-5 ounces total)

Whole grain bread, tortillas, rice, or noodles.

Dry or cooked cereal.


3-5 servings a day
1 serving = 1 ounce
(3-5 ounces total)

Cooked lean meat, poultry, or seafood.


Cooked beans, peas, or tofu.

Peanut butter.


5-6 servings a day
1 serving = ½ cup
(2½ cups total)

Low-fat milk.



Look what I can do!

I learn a lot from being with you and being active. Let’s be active as a family! We can:

Keep me safe and healthy.

Take me to the doctor for my check-up.

I can brush my own teeth now, but watch me when I do so I don’t miss any teeth.

Remind me to wash my hands often. Washing my hands helps me stay healthy. I should wash them with warm water and soap for 20 seconds.

I need simple rules. Set limits on when, where, and how often we have screen time. Talk about what I’m learning as we watch together and keep me safe from what I shouldn’t see. Let’s focus on each other during meals and snacks, not a screen.