Breastfeeding Twins or Multiples

The idea of breastfeeding more than one baby may seem overwhelming at first, but the benefits are well worth it. Many moms of multiples find breastfeeding easier because there is nothing to prepare. A lot of mothers successfully breastfeed more than one baby even after going back to work or school

Finding Support

Talk to WIC, your healthcare provider, hospital, or local breastfeeding center and ask for help with:

Even if your babies need to spend time in the hospital, breastfeeding is still possible.

Making Enough Milk

Most moms of multiples make plenty of milk for their babies. Many mothers exclusively breastfeed or express their milk for triplets or even quadruplets!
Keep these tips in mind:

It helps to have each baby feed from both of your breasts. Switching sides helps keep your milk supply up if one baby isn’t eating as well as the other baby.

You can do this by:

Assigning a breast to each baby for a feeding and switch at the next feeding


Assigning a breast to each baby for a day and switch the next day.